Tools and Fleece

We sell a range of tools and fleece to enable you to create your own pictures.  As well as our kits (see our Etsy shop) which contain everything you need to produce a moorland picture. We also sell Merino fleece and tools separately. 

Our fleece comes in a ‘colour palette’ of 18 subtle colours.  There is approximately 5 gms of each colour.  As each colour is applied sparingly this will be ample for quite a few pictures.  The shades are based on what I use myself to create lovely natural landscape pictures and the palette contains a range of subtle shades. 

The three needle pen is the Clover type which I have found to be the best and therefore my favourite to use. The felting brush is always preferable to the foam blocks which weld themselves to the back of your work and can easily break your needles. 

Our needles which are the most important element of needle felting are available separately or with the wooden handle tool.  They are 38 gauge fine needles with a twist in them which makes them stronger and pass into your work with ease.  They are also short to enable them to replace the needles supplied with the Clover triple needle tool when the inevitable happens.

Merino colour palette. £12 plus £3 pp

The tools and fleece are available by contacting me direct. I will then email you a link to my Izettle account so you can pay by card as if you were at my stand.  Prices are as follows with postage and packing at £3.00 per order.

Clover pen £12 each
Habico felting mat £12 each
Wooden tool and two needles £3
Needles (38 gauge twisted) 60p each

Habico Felting mat, snips, three needle tool and single needle tool.